Network Statistics for June 2018

Unique Username Logins

Minecraft TTT: 50,561 players ( ▲~2.7% or ▲1,363 players )

Vanilla TTT:  27,585 players ( ▲~0.7% or ▲199 players )

Anime TTT: 11,299 players ( ▲~4.2% or ▲455 players )

PropHunt: 16,736 players ( ▲~38.4% or  4,645 players )

StarWars TTT*: 3794 players ( ▲0.0% or ▲0 players )

Vanilla Minecraft Server**


Forums Statistics

Replies:  6,773 posts (▲347 posts)

Threads: 1,113 topics (▲46 topics)

Membership: 1,280 members (▲52 members)


Please read filter’s summary post for a full list of events.


Network Outlook

The network is remarkably stable considering some of the events that have occurred over the past month. The biggest winner of this month was PropHunt with a net 38.4 percent increase over the month of June. Congratulations to the staff and regulars of Modded Minecraft TTT for reaching and surpassing 50,000 total unique username logins. According to the data collected, the current outlook for the month of July looks great.

Happy early Fourth of July for all members living in the United States!


*Server is no longer public, but data was collected within the time period

** No data for this server has been collected within the time period