September 2018 Statistics and Growth Report

Here are the current standings:

  • Minecraft TTT: 54,473 joins (+ 525) (+0.97%)
  • PropHunt: 30,280 joins (+ 2029) (+7.18%)
  • Modded TTT*: 27,789 joins (+31) (+0.11%)
  • Anime TTT: 13,528 (+269) (+2.03%)
  • Murder: 5,316 joins (+0) (+0.00%)

Sever Growth Changes**:

  • Minecraft TTT is down 55.73% in growth over the past month.
  • PropHunt is down 45.01% in growth over the past month.
  • Anime TTT is down 118.96% in growth over the past month.
  • Modded TTT* is up from a 0.00% growth from the past month.
  • Murder had no real growth due to its unfortunate demise earlier this month.

Server Growth Events:

  • PropHunt has reached 30,000 joins this month.

Forums Changes:

  • Posts: 7,929 posts (+210) (+2.72%)
  • Threads: 1,322 threads (+47) (+3.69%)
  • Member: 1,385 (+110) (+8.63%)


  • The steam group has 510 members.
  • The Facebook page still has 45 likes.
  • Gucci’s YouTube has 3.1K subscribers.
  • Gucci’s Twitter has 434 followers.


This month was a very rough month as far as population is concerned. All servers other then Modded TTT* had a negative growth this month. PropHunt still was the biggest winner of the month having 2,029 new user joins. The biggest loser of the month was the murder server having died at the beginning of the month. The forums are still growing by 8.63% in the past month. The steam group has finally reached 500 members*** after being around for more than a year. Otherwise, this was one of the worst months in a while. I cannot predict if the network will remain stable in the coming months, so we need all hands on deck for success.

* Modded TTT was the Vanilla TTT server after it was modified.

** Growth changes are calculated by percent growth between new users of this month and last month.

*** Founded May 19, 2017