Semi-Vanilla TTT – Dev Logs 1/11/2023

  1. Re-added some plugins that were removed temporarily to check for lag.
  2. Reverted bounce effect on grenades.
  3. AWP damage increased from (125) > (150). Clip size reduced to (1).
  4. Flash grenade is now only purchasable once.
  5. Crowbar skins have returned. (Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Sword, Fish, etc)
  6. Added 4 new playermodels
    • Dr. Doofenshmirtz
    • Neon Skeleton (Limited Time)
    • Cogateman
    • Toon Town Cat
  7. Added Silenced SG550 (Limited Time)

Reebnade and Thriller may be coming back in the near future. Thriller will be reworked a bit.

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