PropHunt Tournament and Upcoming Servers

This information was released to the Smithtainment Public Discord by Guushi at 8:31 PM ET today. Please see the original message for more context.

PropHunt Tournament

If you didn’t see previous announcements a Prop Hunt tournament is in the works. I’m sure some of you have a few questions which is why I’m making this announcement. With that being said here are hopefully some answers to your questions.

How will the tournament work?

Very similar to how sports such as the NBA/NFL does their playoffs. (Bracket elimination.) Currently it’s planned to be 5 v 5 and you can choose your teammates. Things are still being planned so we will have more solid information on this as soon as we can.

What server will the tournament happen on?

The tournament will take place on True PropHunt (TPH) server. TPH uses the latest version of the Prop Hunt gamemode (PHX) with maps that aren’t on our other PH servers. This means you should probably make yourself familiar with the server setup.

Will the tournament be streamed?

It will be streamed. So this means even if you aren’t able to get onto the server you still can watch it elsewhere. Platform hasn’t been decided so we’ll let you know more on that soon.

When is the tournament?

There is currently no date set. I want it to be around a time the majority of people are free from school and such though. Maybe a public poll will be created to see what dates work best.

Will there be a tournament for any other type of game/gamemode?

We are always open to ideas. Tournaments are fun to do but we would have to do lots of planning of course. If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.

Upcoming Server Releases

The development team and the network administration are working tirelessly on new changes and servers for our members to enjoy. Here is a preview of what the development team is currently working on. Any suggestions on future expansion servers should be directed to Guushi directly.

Team Fortress 2

We will be releasing a TF2 server in the near future. The server will start out at (16) slots. Not sure of the type of server it will be yet. One thing we can say for certain is that this means we will be creating a TF2 trading section in this discord as well once the server is made. If you guys want a specific type of TF2 server let me know.


The murder server will be put on a better machine and revamped. The server previously had a lot of lag/crash issues which caused the server to fail. Hopefully with this change it can get a bit of traction at least. It’s not going to be a big server like 8 slots at most.

7 Days To Die

We are currently looking into expanding to this game. If you guys don’t know what it is then look into it. It’s a zombie survival game.

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