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Incoming Message from the Development Team...

Recieved 1 hour ago.

Server number 3 is still offline and unable to restart. The development team requests that the monkeys be ready to forward all clients accessing server 3 to be redirected to server 10 and 12. The development team also reminds the monkeys that eating bananas above the servers reduces the lifespan of a server by 2 years. Any damage due to falling bananas or other organic matter will be DNA tested and the monkey responsible will lose a years pay.

Incoming Message from the Development Team...

Recieved 8 hours ago.

We got a complaint that a user was routed to server 3 instead of server 10. Alfred and Tommy are expected to report to Reeb's office immediately. No more bananas will be given out for the next hour.

Incoming Message from the Management...

Recieved 16 hours ago.