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Map Editor Explained - Guushi - 02-05-2020

Map Editor is considered a very low developer rank, lower than Developer In Training. This role was created for the purpose of assisting the development team with simple tasks related to maps. There is a few things you should know before considering applying.

- Required to modify weapon spawns on TTT as well as ammo spawns on TTT maps if needed.
- Required to modify prop spawns for PH maps if needed.
- Required to modify player spawns on maps if needed.
- Required to search for/test new maps for the servers.
- Required to communicate with players to see which new maps or changes to maps they'd like.

Extras (Not required but definitely a plus):
- Create maps specifically for the SG network.
- Modify the map if there are any bugs/issues with it.

You are not considered a staff member. You will not be invited to the SG Staff Discord, however you will be in direct contact with our development team in the SG Support Discord. You will be required to communicate with our development team and will forward any map changes to them. Upon applying: expect to have a date/time scheduled for training if need be.