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Changes to the forums - Reeb - 07-15-2020

Over the past few days, numerous changes were implemented on the network forums. I've decided to chronicle them here so that if any problem arises, everyone will have quick access. After I am finished updating all of our services, a full changelog will be released on the development site.

- We have a new main website at - It features a new system that shows the total server statistics, as well as detailed descriptions of each game/gamemode our network has to offer (They are not mine, you don't like it you can write it and DM it to me on discord or the forums).

- New Theme - The new default theme has a different sleek layout with much darker blues and bright lavenders then our conventional grey and pink color scheme. It is designed to be modern but colorful so that we do not need to have a background image to make our forums pop.

- Server List on the Sidebar - This is a much more controversial change then I had in mind. Putting the server list in the sidebar allows quick access from the top of the page while still keeping the main body of the forums in view. It also is more expandable as we can add as many servers as we want without hindering our forums.

- New Textbox - Finding text boxes that work nowadays is painful. If you find an editor that seems good, send it to me on discord. Last night, I modified the textbox to accept only plaintext, not any style associated with this. This means you can copy and paste as much stuff from the web into your posts as you want without it messing up your post's layout. You can disable this feature in the "edit" menu, but I would not recommend that. The editor doesn't come with certain features, however above each editor is a link to a help page on BBCode which will allow you to access these "hidden" features.

- New Profile Layout - Our forum's default profile layout was split into 4 pages of information to allow for a less grid-like profile layout. This should hopefully be more reminiscent of a social media profile. More additions to come such as profile views and comments, as well as other profile customizations.

- Stability - I've added several hundred lines of PHP code to our forums that should provide a slightly faster and more stable experience. No more 500 errors!

- Awards - A small feature that will allow us to give you prizes on the forums for participating in events and challenges on both the servers and the network.

Most of these changes were pretty drastic, so if you have any errors please let me know immediately by sending a ticket in the support discord. All tickets regarding forum matters will be elevated to me for the next week so please let me know. Any player that finds a bug on the forums first will get a special "Bug Hunter" award attached to their profile, so keep your eyes open! (Note: If I notice it first, you don't get it.)