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Garry's Mod Among Us Rules - Guushi - 12-19-2020

Garry's Mod Among Us RULES

Written by Guushi Effective immediately (12/19/2020)

- Do NOT round delay.

- Do NOT afk for long periods. If you are AFK for more than (10) minutes you will be kicked or moved to spectator. If you need to AFK please do it in spectator. AFK Spectator is fine.

- Do NOT reveal other imposters. For the purpose of deception, it's fine to vote imposter buddies if they're caught, but if you're getting voted out, throwing your teammates under the bus will result in a ban.

- Do NOT target/vote out a specific person just because they keep getting impostor. They are just very lucky to keep getting it. Please be as reasonable as possible when voting others off.

- Do NOT mic spam.