PropHunt Tournament and Upcoming Servers

This information was released to the Smithtainment Public Discord by Guushi at 8:31 PM ET today. Please see the original message for more context. PropHunt Tournament If you didn’t see previous announcements a Prop Hunt tournament is in the works. I’m sure some of you have a few questions which is why I’m making this…

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Semi-Vanilla TTT – Dev Logs 1/11/2023

Re-added some plugins that were removed temporarily to check for lag. Reverted bounce effect on grenades. AWP damage increased from (125) > (150). Clip size reduced to (1). Flash grenade is now only purchasable once. Crowbar skins have returned. (Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Sword, Fish, etc) Added 4 new playermodels Dr. Doofenshmirtz Neon Skeleton (Limited Time)…

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Network Changes

The network administration has decided to take the forums down indefinitely. In its place, we will utilize this website to maintain a presence on the internet. Due to this revelation, there will be several changes implemented in the coming days. Please note that the development team as well as the network administration is in the…

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Forums Outage

We’ve decided to revert back to a dynamic website while we determine the future of the forums. We are still working on this dynamic website, so please be aware that several features will be unavailable during the migration. All applications and appeals will be placed on hold until further notice. There may also be…

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Semi-Vanilla TTT – Dev Logs 12/3/2022

Added map ttt_mc_christmas. Added Traitor weapon Boogiebomb. Works similar to Fortnite’s boogie grenade. After exploding everyone within radius will start dancing. Added limited time Christmas trails. Only available for purchase until Jan. 2nd. Added limited time Christmas Tomahawk. (Replaces crowbar). Press “R” for a unique effect. Decreased detective UMP damage from (8) > (6). Also…

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