Update (10/24/20) – Global

The network has a new loading screen on all of the servers. It features:

  • Customizable settings that can be edited from within the game and on our website. The user can modify the overall color scheme of their loading screen. They can also choose the loading screen music and images. The settings manager does allow users to change the volume of the loading screen music, so no burst eardrums will result from logging into our server.
  • The loading screen comes with a default setting when no customizations are availible. This theme has no music to it,  so new members will not have to deal with loading screen music unless they specifically enable it in the settings.
  • The loading screen will also display the server rules depending on what map the user is logging into. If the map has the prefix “ttt_” it will display the most important TTT rules, and if the map has the prefix “ph_”, “cs_”, or “de_” it will display the most important PropHunt rules. Remember, this is NOT a substitute for reading the rules of the server, which are normally displayed on the “message of the day” screen on log-in.
  • All aspects of the loading screen are completely responsive, so it will look good on majorly supported HD displays with a resolution above (720p). It will still work on displays lower than this threshold, but I don’t know if those displays are even in use today.

To customize your loading screen go to https://smithtainment.com/loadingscreen/ or type “!ls” in-game to open up the settings menu.