Global – Change Logs – 7/14/2021


  • Chatbox updated. You should now be able to re-size the chatbox window.
  • Added ttt_mc_manhattan. Let me know in a ticket if it sucks.


  • Added PS2-era Grand Theft Auto models to the Non-Premium, Semi-Premium and Premium roster. No Big Smoke in the pack, I’m sorry in advance.
  • Added ph_storage_stronghold_v2. Let me know in a ticket if it also sucks.

Minecraft Survival

  • Villager trading issue (should) be fixed. If not let Guushi know, not me.
  • You (should) be able to bring mobs through the end/nether portal now. This was requested a few times.
  • Claimable blocks have been increased from 15000 > 20000.
  • New players will now start out with 200 claim blocks instead of 100.
  • You will now gain 150 claim blocks per hour of playtime instead of 100.