Global – Changelogs – 3/28/2021


  • Added new player models to pointshop.
  • Added Traitor weapon ‘Cloaking Device’. Hold to become nearly invisible. Your name will still show as well as blood spots if you’ve been shot. Your shadow will still be visible. You can not use weapons while holding the cloaking device. Simply switch to another weapon or drop it to become visible again.
  • Added new map “ttt_mc_castle”.
  • Added new map “ttt_mc_bridge_v3”.
  • L96 Dragon damage reduced from (80) > (75). 
  • L96 Dragon clip size reduced from (7) > (5).
  • L96 Dragon default clip reduced from (15) > (5).
  • L96 Dragon Clip Max reduced from (21) > (10).
  • Pistol Only rounds has been removed temporarily.
  • Pointshop points over time earned increased from (150) > (750).
  • There is now a chance for 100 premium points to randomly drop.
  • TMP Dragon & Gray T-Rex playermodel are now for purchase in pointshop for a limited time.


  • Added new map “ph_marketbattle_v4”.
  • Added new map “ph_clue_v3”.
  • Added new map “ph_ph_fountainwithbricks_d”.