Global – Christmas Update – 12/1/2020

It’s finally Christmas time again and what better way to get everyone in the mood other than to start out the month with a Christmas update. There will most likely be a couple more Christmas updates as the month goes on. I want to wish you all a Happy Holidays. Make the best of it despite how bad of a year 2020 has been due to covid and other things. 

Christmas update will last until Jan. 5th, 2021.

  • Added ttt_minecraft_b5xmas to both VTTT and MCTTT. This will be the main map for MCTTT until the Christmas update is over.
  • Added map ttt_mc_christmastown to VTTT.
  • Added map ph_festive_mansion to VPH.
  • Yowane Hiku has been added to VPH for limited time purchase only until the Christmas update is over.
  • Christmas Miku has been added to VPH and MCTTT for limited time purchase only until the Christmas update is over.
  • Reskinned grenades on MCTTT to be Christmas themed.
  • Added Christmas trees that you can get presents from after each round on MCTTT. These presents will randomly drop normal pointshop points, premium pointshop points, traitor credits, and armor. Simply go up to the trees and press E on them. 
  • Added snow to donation website.

Boozy is currently working on a Christmas update to DarkRP so expect that to be ready by the end of the day or tomorrow. I don’t know if Reeb plans on adding a Christmas loading screen option or if he’s going to change up the forums to be Christmas themed we’ll just have to wait and see.


Expect information regarding Secret Santa later today. I will make a post on the forums.