MCTTT – Changelogs – 11/26/2020

  • Shotgun damage has been increased from (9) > (10). I felt like it was not on par with the rest of the weapons in-game. It also makes it better for less experienced TTT players since this is usually the go-to weapon for most.
  • Deagle damage has been increased from (37) > (39).
  • Overall pointshop points gained from various different methods have been increased. I felt the amount of points gained was far too low. This should be a lot better for newer players who want to pick up some things from the pointshop. New players will also now start out with (50,000) pointshop points.
  • New models have been added to the pointshop. Most are obtainable by regular pointshop points. A couple are premium points only.
  • Harpoon is now purchasable more than once.
  • Flashbang has been removed.
  • Umbrella shotgun has been removed.
  • Genji’s Katana has been removed. It has been proven again to create too much balance issues. While the weapon is fun to use it’s not worth the issues it causes for normal players. Having a balanced gameplay environment is more important than keeping it. If you have donated for it be sure to make a ticket in the support discord for a refund of your premium points. It’s possible that the weapon could come back in the future as a traitor only item and not in the pointshop.
  • Special rounds has been removed (again for the 100th time). It’s a shame that this addon just does not function properly at all anymore. Oh well, maybe in the future it’ll start getting updated properly again.
  • Remington has been added back to the pointshop for a limited time.
  • Flintlock pistol has been added back to the pointshop for a limited time.
  • Added new traitor weapon ‘Paper Plane’. I haven’t tested this much so I’m hoping that it isn’t completely broken. From what I could tell it functions fine. If it turns out to be terrible I will remove it quickly.

I am currently working on a way to get spectator deathmatch to work properly without issues. Stay tuned for that. (Hopefully). As always if you have suggestions, bug reports, etc, be sure to let us know in the support discord.