Minecraft Survival – Changelogs – 1/31/2021

  • You should now be able to AFK fish. (Hopefully, can not confirm just yet.)
  • If you successfully vote to skip the night you will now be fully healed and full hunger.
  • Ender Dragon will now automatically respawn. The health of it has also been increased to (500.) This is adjustable and if it turns out too difficult I will modify it. A timer will be displayed in The End for respawn time. You can type /getspawn to see the dragons spawn point. You can also type /gettime to see the respawn time for the next dragon. The dragon will also have a custom name and it will be complete darkness when you are fighting it.
  • You can now claim 15000 blocks.
  • Claims will now expire after (20 days, previously 30) UNLESS you have more than 10000+ claims.
  • New players will now start with $3,500 in cash.
  • New players will now start with an Iron Sword instead of a Stone Sword. The kit has also been updated to have an iron sword instead.
  • The tools kit should now have a cooldown of (2) hours.
  • Added protection against a couple new exploits.
  • The nether has been wiped fresh.

Voting should work properly in the next update. I’ve been working on it. Have a few issues to work out with it but for the most part I think I can get it functioning properly. It’s normally very simple to config but for some reason it’s been having some problems with votifier.