Minecraft Survival – Changelogs – 12/18/2020

  • The end has been reset.
  • The nether has been reset.
  • Ender Dragon will now 100% drop an egg after each battle. 
  • Ender Dragon will now have a countdown timer and will notify when it will be auto respawned.
  • Ender Dragon now will spawn in different rarities. Each different rarity has a chance to drop a chest which contains valuable items. The higher the rarity of the dragon the lower the drop rate. The dragons will also be harder depending on the rarity of them. If the items that drop need adjusting please make a ticket. I can modify all drops from the chests.
  • *HOPEFULLY* fixed issue with stacker.
  • Updated in-game shop with new items. Some prices have also changed around a little bit. I need to know what to price netherrite at. Currently not sure.