SVTTT – Changelogs – 1/20/2021

  • Fixed issue with a couple melee weapons not working. (Katana, Minecraft Weapons, Etc.)
  • Added ‘Climb Swep’. This will be available for everyone. Has 4 charges. Run up to walls and jump + left click to parkour. Jump charges can be changed if they are too little or too much. I just figured 4 would be fine to start with.
  • Added Portable Tester for detectives. Has 3 uses. If an innocent uses it, it’ll glow green for 5 seconds (configurable), and also announces to everyone if they’re proven or not (configurable). If they’re a traitor, it’ll glow red, etc.
  • Added Fake Portable Tester for Traitors. It works the complete opposite to the portable tester for detectives.
  • Blood will now splatter more than previously. Just a cool little visual change.