SVTTT – Changelogs – 1/22/2021

  • Added vapes. Purchasable in pointshop for limited time. They will be in there for limited time purchase until 1/25/2021 (next Monday) and then will only be obtainable at a VERY VERY low rate via crates. Left click to inhale. Right click makes a sound. Pressing R says ‘Go Vape Nation’.
  • Each vape has something different about it which is the following:
    • Helium Vape – Inhaling gives you low gravity. The longer you inhale the more you get. 
    • Golden Vape – Vape in style.
    • Hallucinogenic Vape – Makes you hallucinate. The more you inhale the more you hallucinate.
    • Butterfly Vape – Has a cool butterfly effect.
    • Juicy Vape – Has cool green smoke.
    • American Vape – Red, white, & blue smoke. The vape also changes to red, white, & blue.

In the future I will most likely be releasing different types of vapes. I have (2) vapes that are currently pending testing for Traitors/Detectives.