SVTTT – Changelogs – 2/22/2021

  • All issues with Hot Potato weapon should now be resolved. Weapon slot has been changed.
  • Removed DNA wiper due to it rarely being used.
  • Magnum Damage increased from (47) > (48). Recoil increased slightly.
  • Players revived via the Defib will now only respawn with (30) HP.
  • Detective hat has been disabled temporarily due to it randomly becoming an error at times.
  • Limited time melee weapons has been added to pointshop. (Minecraft weapons, Katana, Fish, etc.)
  • You can now use the discombob to jump. Try it out and see for yourself =P.
  • Added new map “ttt_shitposttown”. Honestly from what little I tested this map you guys will probably enjoy it a lot. Lots of Traitor traps and memes.
  • Added a new version of dolls map. “ttt_mc_dolls_jpc.”  The differences in this map to the other versions of MC dolls is the following:
    • New textures (Minecraft 1.16.4) with the correct material type.
      A new passageway from the “big” to the “small” vent.
      Redesigned elevator in the vent (now similar to bb_teenroom).
      Reworked shelf in front of the vent (with ladders between floors).
      Two new entrances/exits in the small house.
      Cover in all vents.
      Changed bookshelf on top of the wall shelf.