SVTTT – Changelogs – 2/25/2021

  • Pistol only rounds have been added. They have a 5% chance to randomly happen. Pistol rounds are self explanatory. You can not use any other gun than pistols. T/D menu’s are also disabled during this round.
  • VIP++rank now has access to vote for a pistol only round.
  • A new chatbox has been added. This was previously on the server for a very short period but was removed due to a small issue with it. That should now be resolved. I’m not 100% sure I set the colors up properly. If not that can easily be fixed. If you are missing your tag be sure to make a ticket in the support discord.
  • A new HUD has been added. I really like this hud. I’m sure not everyone will agree but for the most part it is really clean.
  • Connection join message spam has been fixed.
  • !donate command should now properly go to the donation site.