SVTTT – Changelogs – 6/29/2021

  • Added customizable hitmarkers. Simply access them in the ‘Hitmarker’ tab on the F1 menu. This may however not be fully functional yet. I haven’t played around with it enough yet.
  • Added Traitor weapon briefcase bomb.
  • Tired of people being overly loud in-game? Not a problem anymore. Added the ability to adjust player mic volume. Simply go to the scoreboard and right click the speaker icon on the player you’d like to turn up or down.
  • C4’s timer will now change colors depending on distance. The c4 will show as red if you are in close enough blast radius to die. It will be yellow if you are in close enough blast radius to take damage. It will be green if you are safe. This should help Traitor’s avoid their traitor buddies C4’s better.
  • Rifle damage increased from (60) > (65).
  • SF Ethereal, Anime SMG, Toy Hammer, Fish, & Minecraft Pickaxe have all been added to the pointshop for limited time purchase.