The Future of MCTTT

MCTTT is over 5 years old now and has saw many changes throughout the years but what you are about to read is absolutely the biggest change the server has ever saw. It’s come to our attention that people are getting more and more tired of playing only minecraft b5. With that being said the following changes will happen:

  • MCTTT will no longer be named “MCTTT”. It will have a new name which is currently undecided.
  • The server will be changing to an entirely new machine/location. It will be hosted in Dallas. This also means that the IP will be changing.
  • Your items will carry over to the new host. There *should* be no data loss. If there is we will work as fast as possible at getting things restored to you.
  • Ranks will carry over to the new host.
  • B5 will not be the only map. A map rotation will be implemented with new maps that aren’t just Minecraft.
  • The server will most likely have a downtime of 2 – 4 days. Jan. 4th is the last day that the server is known as MCTTT.
  • Gametracker will keep everyones play time. We will just transfer the data to the new IP.

We felt this change has long been overdue. The server should perform a lot better overall… plus you guys do not have to play B5 only. Please spread the news about this upcoming change. As soon as the new machine is purchased we will start advertising the new IP.