Vanilla TTT will be making a return. This time with a couple more features and a better setup than what we had previously. Vanilla TTT has been in decline on GMOD for a while and I refuse to let it die out. Due to my Youtube sponsorships I have a multiple servers absolutely free. The Vanilla TTT will make a return this time as a (32) slot server. 


The server will have some cool new features compared to how it was setup previously which are the following :

  • I took into consideration all feedback from how our previous map pool was set up. I would like to think that this time the servers map pool is perfected compared to how it used to be. ttt_minecraft_b5 will not be in the map rotation due to how overplayed the map already is, however there will be some minecraft maps in there but 2 or 3 max. The default map will be set to ttt_waterworld. The map pool will consist entirely of the popular maps such as ttt_metropolis, community bowling, rooftops, etc. You will need CSS to play most maps on this server.


  • The map vote system will work different compared to how it used to be. Previously we had a problem to where maps were repetitively being selected for vote. I have set up a system now to where that shouldn’t be the case anymore. There is also a new feature which rewards the player with the top score to have (2) voting power instead of (1). This encourages players to play their best to have an extra edge for voting.


  • Hit registry has always been a problem on GMOD. You know, where you shoot a player, blood splatters, and the shots don’t register? Yeah, that. Well that is now fixed on our servers. Expect to have better hit registry now.


  • Added a feature which will print to chat role information. This was made to help new players understand TTT better since a lot of new players always ask what their role is supposed to do.


  • Amount of traitors, detectives, innocents, and spectators will now print to chat.


  • New stats system has been implemented. All credits for this stats system goes to Dark Redemption who made it. It is currently the best stats system that GMOD has for TTT. I’ve been in the process of creating a new stats system however that will be able to be shown on a web page. Those who played on Joseph’s TTT server will remember this, it will be very similar to that. But for now this stats system will do, like I said it is currently the best stats system gmod has to offer.

Current known issues:

  • The scoreboard ranking system is slightly bugged. I’m working out what the problem is but it’s most likely due to a hosting issue which our sponsor will have to fix if so. 
  • Detailed events is broken, most likely due to a hosting issue as well. This means for now “killed by notifications” will have to be printed to chat.


I will admit I previously made a lot of mistakes changing around Vanilla TTT to things that players didn’t enjoy. This time, you have my promise, that the server will remain True Vanilla TTT to the fullest possibility. Minecraft will not be the main map played, and I will take every players/staffs feedback into consideration. At one point, our Vanilla TTT was one of the best and I intend on making that happen again. If you are interested in staffing for it, please let us know. There is currently no ETA when it’ll be released, expect sometime within the next 2 weeks. I’m working on building a staff team for it.