VPH – Changelogs – 2/2/2021

As always be sure to join our support discord to create tickets for donations, bug reports, suggestions, etc. The invite is https://discord.gg/ThsctMC

  • Fixed easter egg issue with our custom map “ph_sg_communitypool_v2”. Should now work properly and award pointshop points.
  • Added vapes to pointshop for a limited time. These work the exact same way as they do on SVTTT. They will only be available for purchasing for a couple days. After they are removed from limited purchasing they will only be obtainable via crates. The following vapes were added:
    • Helium Vape – Inhaling gives you low gravity. The longer you inhale the more you get. 
    • Golden Vape – Vape in style.
    • Hallucinogenic Vape – Makes you hallucinate. The more you inhale the more you hallucinate.
    • Butterfly Vape – Has a cool butterfly effect.
    • Juicy Vape – Has cool green smoke.
  • Trails have been added to pointshop.
  • ph_villahouse_2014 map has been removed.
  • ph_laser_facility map has been removed.
  • ph_cratefactorytv2 map has been removed.
  • ph_undergroundstation map has been removed.
  • ph_storehouse_v2 map has been removed.