Network Rules

This page is written specifically for new staff and players. This is mostly paraphrased and condensed from the ACTUAL document, which is in this section as well. This post is NOT a replacement for the network rules and will skip some heavily important parts.

What is a network ban?
A network ban is a term used for any ban that results in simultaneous removal of access to the entire network. A network ban has several important characteristics. For one, it can only be enforced by a Network Manager or above, no other staff member can apply a network ban. A network ban can only be removed by the network owner. It can be appealed only twice, with a period of 30 days existing between the network ban and the first appeal.

What can get my account network banned and how do I avoid it?
Network bans have a specific set of rules that must be violated for a network ban to apply. Here is a generalized list.

  1. Causing drama with intention to harm the network. (Basically, use common sense.)
  2. Committing fraud against the network. (Deals with chargeback without contacting the network owner. This is explained in the Community TOS, which can also be read in this section.)
  3. Intentional accessory to a network banned individual. (If you assist in an action that gets someone network banned, you can be network banned as well. Also covers hiding or intentionally withholding information that would result in a valid network ban. Example: If you know your friend is doing someone network bannable, you can get network banned as well).
  4. Evading a network ban. (If you are network banned, don’t rejoin. Wait 30 days, then appeal it.)
  5. Excessive exploitation of bugs. (Anything that pertains to abusing game mode mechanics or utilizing pointshop to cheat in items, while not reporting it to a network developer. Does not include non-serious abuse of mechanics like unstuck abuse, prop surfing, etc. If you find a bug, report it to a developer by making a ticket here.)
  6. Violating the network terms of service. (Read the network terms of service and use common sense).
  7. Doing anything that causes harm or endangerment towards staff, players, or the network as a whole. (Disrespect, child pornography, scamming, hacking, pedophilia, cat phishing, doxing, DDoS Threats/DDoS, handing out viruses, blackmail, and lying on a ban appeal all belong in this category. This is not limited to just these actions and can be expanded if need be. Therefore, use common sense.)

What is a global ban?
Global ban is a term used for any ban that restricts a player’s access to all game servers simultaneously. Global bans follow the same appeal process as a server ban and can be appealed immediately following the ban. Each subsequent appeal can be posted 7 days following the previous, with appeals being immediately denied after 3 unsuccessful appeals. Global bans are enforced by Network Managers and above and can be removed by them as well.

What can get my account globally banned and how do I avoid it?

  1. Advertising an unaffiliated server, website, or network on two or more servers. (Any message with an IP or link to any other gaming network, without owner consent, applies here. This also applies to discord server links as well. Does not apply to social media links within reason.)
  2. Repeating an offense that resulted in a ban on two or more servers.
  3. Evading a server ban. (If you evade a server ban on either an alternate account or a friend’s account, you will be banned. Appeal your ban first before connecting).