Semi-Vanilla TTT Rules

The Network

The Smithtainment Gaming Network consists of a number of game servers. While each server has its own rules and staff members, the entire network also has its own independent rules.

Server Rules

You are expected to read and understand these rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU NEED TO USE COMMON SENSE WHILE PLAYING ON OUR SERVER (unless you’re fooling around then tell the Administrators/Moderators). If there is very few people online we don’t care if you mess around as long as the people on agree.


  1. Do NOT Prop Kill, Prop Surf, Prop Push, or Prop Launch. Even during the Pre-Round.
  2. Racism will not be tolerated. This includes anything racist related such as sprays or links to websites that contain racism.
  3. Do NOT impersonate staff members, or other trusted players.
  4. Do NOT disrespect other players or staff. Doing so can result in a ban without warning.
  5. Do NOT RDM (Random Deathmatch).
  6. Do NOT mic spam or chat spam. This includes having music playing through your microphone.
  7. Do NOT block doors or deny players access to any part of the map.
  8. Do NOT Ghost. This includes using third party programs to give advantage outside of the game.
  9. Do NOT self advertise your social media, your own server, or personal self.
  10. Do NOT kill on suspicion. You must always have a valid reason to kill someone.
  11. Do NOT camp with less than or equal to 5 people that are living.
  12. Do NOT kill AFK (Away From Keyboard) players.
  13. Do not intentionally “goomba stomp” (land on the head of) other players of your team.
  14. Destroying a Detective’s Health Station can be considered traitorous and can be KOSable.
  15. Usernames must have at least four consecutive English letters. You will be kicked if you refuse to change your name.
  16. Anyone that accesses areas on maps they shouldn’t be, will be kicked. If you continue, you will receive a warning. This includes using jetpacks to get to these places.
  17. Do NOT false KOS as an Innocent or Detective. This will lead to a KOS (Kill on Sight) on you if you are Innocent. If you do it excessively, you will receive a warning.
  18. Do NOT excessively false KOS as a Traitor, as Traitor you are expected to kill players, not KOS players. However, if you are being attacked by a player or said player has evidence of you being a traitor, you can KOS them. 
  19. Do NOT KOS your Traitor buddies, it is considered trolling and can lead to you being warned or even banned.
  20. Third-Party programs/cheating programs are not allowed.
  21. You must speak English via voice and text chat.
  22. Do NOT abuse the vote controls; You are limited to 1 vote per map.
  23. Do NOT Traitor-Bait (T-Bait). Doing so gives players the rights to KOS you. If you T-Bait and it causes a train of deaths, you will receive a warning for each Innocent death you caused.
  24. Do NOT bend the T-Baiting rule. If a player is shooting at a part of the map where players cannot be or in the sky or on a tree, they can be killed after they are asked to stop. If a player is shooting towards players or at players, they can be killed. 
  25. Do not aid the enemy. This is when a traitor aids the innocents through gifting weapons, refusing to kill them, or other acts that delay and ruin the game by harming the player’s team intentionally. This can also be done by innocents if they refuse to kill a known traitor and aid them in completing traitor goals, such as by shielding them, refusing to reveal their traitorous acts, or other circumstances that intentionally ruin the game.
  26. Do NOT throw discombobulator or incendiary grenades as Innocent or Detective, doing so can lead to a KOS if you are Innocent. Regardless, you will be warned if a player is damaged or killed. 
  27. Do NOT force people to test, if you kill someone for not testing, or if you KOS someone for not testing you will receive punishment.
  28. Do NOT sabotage the Traitor Tester (Destroying/Hiding the gold block) as an Innocent or Detective, doing so can lead to a KOS if you are Innocent. Regardless, you will be warned.
  29. You are to give THREE warnings before you shoot someone or kill someone for following you. This also applies if a player is chasing you with a prop.
  30. Do NOT KOS someone for holding a Traitor weapon (AWP, AK-47, Silenced TMP, Silenced M4A1, P90, etc) as for they are purchasable in the PointShop. Be aware only Donators have access to getting these weapons. 
  31. You must warn your Traitor buddies before you throw explosive grenades, use traitorous equipment, or set off a Traitor Trap as for they might walk in to it unknowingly.
  32. Do NOT KOS based on someones player model.
  33. Do NOT abuse bought commands.
  34. Do NOT put bets / hits on other players in exchange for pointshop currency.
  35. Breaking or getting rid of the diamond blocks is not a KOS. It is a secondary way to win the game, it can however make the player suspicious. 
  36. Do NOT sexually harass another player. If you are joking and the other person is fine with it, it’s ok. If they are not fine with it, and you continuously do it you will be asked to stop only once. If you continue after a warning you will be permanently banned. 
  37. NO sprays that contain any pictures/gifs of child pornography, all kinds of pornography, offensive/racial or intentionally related awful wrong pictures.
  38. Do not avoid punishment by leaving and rejoining the server in order to take off things like mutes and gags.


The following actions may be taken in this order [unless violating a more serious offense]:

  • Players will receive warnings
  • Players will be kicked from the server
  • Players will be banned for up to a week
  • Players will be banned permanently
  • Bypassing a server ban can result in an IP ban

All rules are subject to change in the future, and more can be added in the future.


!!!Rules are regularly updated so keep a look out!!!